Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

Learn forex trading / forex lessons?

Learn forex trading / forex lessons- Most of the foreign exchange brokers offer very good information on their sites directed towards someone who is new to the forex arena. When I migrated from stocks/options towards currencies I checked out , , , and others. While reading them you can also get a feel for which broker will be right for you. I chose Oanda after very careful analysis and have been very happy with them so far, almost a year later.

I would suggest doing a quick search for forex brokers as well as checking out opinions of other traders regarding each of them. A good watchdog site is - don't believe everything you hear about every broker but hearing many opinions is good before you place your money anywhere - two years ago a company called Refco blew up, taking with it the deposits of many of its retail traders. The same thing happened with Worldco, an equity-trading firm years before. It happens!

As far as learning to trade, there are plenty of people out there willing to take your money but I wouldn't suggest putting thousands of dollars down - systems lose their profitability over time, thats if they even are profitable now. Usually they are not, or else the instructor would be spending his or her time trading! I would read everything you can online and read books as well. As mentioned by a poster above, FXCM does offer a very inexpensive online course that will probably teach you most of what you would learn in some much more expensive seminar anyways.

Just think, we all trade to win, but even if you lose in the beginning, $2500 in losses will teach you a lot more than a $2500 seminar!

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